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If you want to do video monitoring with lots of cameras (4 or more), with recording capacity and/or remote video surveillance, the Vizzio system is the most complete and cost-effective system you will ever get.

Vizzio features a complete computer-based system with its built-in Monitor and pre-installed Video Surveillance Software as a complete monitoring station so you don't have to be looking for and researching parts to build a complete system.

Simply plug the station into a Network jack on your LAN, and plug your cameras into the closest network jacks. Turn on the station and start playing.

The strong side of the Vizzio system is in the tremendous power and flexibility in surveillance features offered by an IP infrastructure for your video processing.

This video surveillance system may seamlessly integrate with our multi-functional home systems or our multi-unit Building Entry systems such as the OmniCom system.

IP Video Surveillance Systems


Weather-proof Wired camera

Weather-proof Wireless camera

Desktop Wireless camera


Smart Phone
(not included)


IP Camera Tester
(not included)

PoE Injector
(not included)


Smart Phone
(not included)



Vizzio IP Video Surveillance NVR
Affordable IP Audio-Video Surveillance for Residential & Commercial Settings

The Vizzio IP NVR is a performance surveillance solution providing thorough monitoring for your home or business. You may have a full view of any area under surveillance, interior or exterior anytime and anywhere. You may view the footage of your cameras either directly on the monitoring station or remotely via the Smartphone app provided for iPhones or Android phones or tablet devices. View real-time video at 720p or 960p resolution with intuitive pan/tilt capability with optional PTZ cameras.

A.- Flexible Monitor Size & Small Footprint

With it very small footprint, the Vizzio Station is very flexible in that it may accommodate any Monitor size that best suits your needs, in addition to unpluggable keyboard and mouse, in order to conspicuously fit at a location where space is at a premium. It may be setup as desired with a small 15" Monitor for instance, standard or with touch, typically for a small number of cameras like 4, or with a 19-22" Monitor for 8 or more cameras. The station may accommodate as well a second larger Monitor, such as a Monitor for public display.

B.- High-Quality Imaging

This Vizzio NVR Video Surveillance System delivers a high-definition IP surveillance solution enabling your cameras to be viewed with super resolution over the internet as well. It supports full HD image display and real time recording per channel. Recording encoded video at the camera level, it is able to achieve cross-network high resolution and yet smooth motion display. A major advantage of the NVR over DVR is the ability to locate cameras anywhere on a network at any time, and even to move the Monitoring Station to any other location on the network for any mandatory or suitable reason and with no consequence. 

C.- Flexible Camera Location

Placing NVRs at your chosen location can be a huge benefit, such as preventing unauthorized or suspicious individuals from tampering with your security setup. For all that matter, the NVR may even be placed in a different building or location than the one where the surveillance cameras are located, so preventing anyone from stealing or destroying the evidence of the security footage. This Vizzio NVR allows simultaneous recording of a large number of cameras and simultaneous playback of up to 4 cameras. Further the recordings may be be remotely and simultaneously viewed by multiple users across the network, in an independent fashion without affecting one another.

D.- Easy & Convenient Remote Mobile Viewing

With Remote Viewing via Smartphone, or Tablet, you can remotely monitor footages from the cameras while at home, at the office but away from the Monitor Station, or even while in a hotel by using your laptop, iPhone or Android phone. For the purpose of providing legal evidence, you may take snapshots of your video feed with a push of a button and save it on your phone for later viewing. Alternatively, you may upload your video footage via FTP or save it onto a MicroSD card. With an abundance of options, your evidence is easily stored anywhere you please.


E.- Plethora of Powerful Additional Features

The Vizzio Video Surveillance System additionally offers zone groupings, splitting of monitoring screen in any partitioning affording a split screen for every camera, roll-over recording or fixed storage space recording, individual recording plans for each camera (day of week, time of day, or a set calendar period), alarm based on a pre-determined event for each camera footage, recording of standstill screenshots as desired, remote configuring of camera devices, self-maintenance of recorded video files, WiFi integration, e-maps, etc.

If you happen to have another video surveillance system on the network, the Vizzio NVR system may integrate the latter in a way to make up a single surveillance station for the entire network of cameras.


Package Includes:

  • (1) Vizzio Computer Station with 19" Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse

  • Pre-installed CMS Video Surveillance software

  • (4) IP Cameras of your choice

  • Detailed User Guide


Qv-1 System with 4 wired IP-CW Cameras ... $489.95 Only! 
Qv-2 System with 4
wireless IP-CX Cam.......$599.95   Only! 
Qv-3 System with 4
wireless IP-CXS Cameras .$599.95   Only! 
Qv-NVR Station
(w/o Camera - w. Keyboard & Mouse).$399.95   Only! 
IP-CW Wired Cameral (Bullet Type - weather-proof).$59.95 ea. Only! 
IP-CX Wireless  Cameral (Bullet Type - weather-proof).$79.95 ea. Only! 
IP-CXS Wireless  Cameral (Interior - Surface).....$59.95 ea. Only! 
PoE Injector (optional accessory)............ $18.95 ea. Only! 
IP Camera Tester (optional accessory.......$59.95    Only! 



Analog Video Surveillance Systems

Video Cameras


Color & B&W Video Surveillance Cameras
Stand-Alone Wide-Angle Video Camera
Wired Stand-alone Mini Bullet Camera with super-Wide angle at low picture distortion: 170 degrees field of view! Best security camera to see all around. Use indoors or outdoors: all weatherproof. Ideal camera for surveillance of wide facades and large indoor spaces, i.e. playrooms, stores and others. Crisp color picture at 350 lines of resolution. Delivers excellent picture in still very low lighting conditions: 0.5 lux low light rating. Back&White version features a resolution of 420 lines at same lux rating.

$169.95  Only! 
CAMB-BW-LL.................$119.95  Only! 


B&W Video Surveillance Cameras
Stand-Alone Deep Vision Video Camera
Wired Super-low light B&W mini Bullet Security Camera. Features 0.0003 lux for perfectly clear vision in pitch dark. Fairly wide viewing angle: 92 degrees field of view. Crisp B&W picture at 420 lines of resolution. Ideal camera for surveillance of areas which will completely turn dark during night time. Super compact: 0.75" diameter X 2.67" long.

CAMB-BW-DK.................$169.95  Only! 


Wireless Color Video Surveillance Cameras
Wireless Day/Night Color Video Camera
Wireless Security video Camera with color picture during daytime and black & white image at night. Deep vision in the darkness of night from an array of 30 infrared LED's: 60 ft depth of vision field. Includes the receiver. Maximum distance between camera and receiver: 300 ft. line of sight.

CAMW-CLR-BK.................$99.95  Only! 



Video Monitoring Station
for Entry Systems


Combo Video Telephone Station
This stylish wall-mount Station includes a corded handset and a 7" color TFT LCD screen. Handset works as a Caller ID telephone that makes and answer both intercom and telephone calls. Approx. total size: H 6 in x W 10 in.
CTVS-1.. $179.95 Only!

Combo Video Telephone Station - Desktop & Wall-Mount
This stylish desktop/wall-mount Station includes a corded handset and a 7" color TFT LCD screen. Handset works as a Caller ID telephone that makes and answer both intercom and telephone calls. Approx. total size: H 6 in x W 10 in.
CTVS-1D... $189.95 Only!

7" TFT LCD Monitor 
Active, backlit LCD matrix Resolution: 960 X 234 pixels.  All features and setup menus accessible with or without remote - Includes desktop mounting stand  and wall-mount docker.
$169.95... Only!

Combo Semi-Wireless Video Telephone Station - Desktop & Wall-Mount
This stylish desktop/wall-mount Station includes a corded handset and a wireless  7" color TFT LCD screen. Handset works as a Caller ID telephone that makes and answer both intercom and telephone calls. Approx. total size: H 6 in x W 10 in.
CTVS-1W... $239.95 Only!


Wireless Mini TFT LCD Screen Kit
Portable 2.5" TFT-LCD Screen with a reception range of  300 ft.  (Line of Sight). Kit includes separate wireless transmitter module to go at the Controller side. Screen set supplied with batteries and 6V power adaptor. See how to setup a handheld wireless video screen.
$259.95.. Only!



Find out here how to setup a video system. See accessories for display on computer monitor. See how to setup a handheld mini video screen.
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