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    The MiniCom Q-16


Is the MiniCom a phone-to-phone intercom system, a telephone controller? What is it?

The MiniCom Q-16 is a telephone exchange controller for homes and small office/home office. This class of phone system the industry calls telephone intercom system.

How large is the Unit physically? Can I install it in my kitchen, my living room or in my bedroom?

This telephone intercom system is housed in a small cabinet: 6.7 in.  6.3 in.  2 in. in size.  You can install it virtually anywhere. You can fix it on the wall or let it sit on the floor if you please. A nice finish makes it a fit in virtually any home decor.

Do I have to know about cabling to install it?

If you live in a street-level house, and your home phone wiring is originally completed with 4 wires throughout the home as it is in the US, you don't need to know anything about cabling to install the MiniCom system. You will Plug in the intercom unit in any phone jack in your house and start Playing with it immediately. You use special mini in-line couplers to plug in the extension phones to the phone jacks.

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What if I don't want to buy the couplers for the phones?

You can install the Controller in an in-line fashion at the head of the line, by intercepting the phone wirelines. That kind of installation requires some minor tooling on your part in order to hookup the wirelines to the Controller. Probably a 15-minute job. 


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