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Feature Set of the Ennovah Q-26 Series




Ennovah Q-26 Series

Below is the list of features supported by the Ennovah Q-26 series of residential telephone integration Controllers. The list includes features exhibited by the systems that are showcased as door entry systems as well as those showcased as Indoor intercom systems.

These various residential Telephone Intercom Controllers only exhibit a subset of the listed features except for the Q-26/IPC model, the top-of-the-line home system. Please check with the specs sheet of the specific model you are considering to ensure all features you seek are developed by the residential Controller of choice.

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Here is the Table of Contents per User's Manual of the Q-26/IPC model for review. Let us help you pick a system. See a Demo slide show.



1.- Plug and Play System Installing in Minutes
2.- Room Intercom with Cell Phone Line - Landline - VOIP Line - Cable Box Line or No Line
3.- A Whole Suite of Communication Functions with Your Household Telephones and Any Number of Extension Phones
4.- Up to 4 Doorphones Each with Dial Out plus Door/Gate Access Control from Your Extension Phones
5.- Generous Distribution of Remote Door Release Controls
6.- Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance
7.- Monitor Distinct Sound and Video Sources with Automatic Sweeper
.- Multi-Camera Recording with Simple Household VCR or DVD Recorder
9.- Keyless in-Home Access by Residents with Exterior Keypad or Keychain Remotes
10.- Complete Hands-Free Auto-Answer on External Phone Calls and Room Intercom Calls (Automatic pick up AND hang-up on incoming calls)
11.- Whole-House Voice Page and Music Broadcast
12.- Room & Door Intercom with Two Phone Lines in Single Home or Duplex System for Duplex Residence
13.- Continuous Busy Redial From any Kind of Extension Phone
14.- Automatic (Unscreened) Transfer of External Calls or Screened Transfer

15.- Toll Restriction (Restrict Phone Calls as Desired)
16.- Three-Party Conference Between 2 or More Household Users and One Remote Caller
17.- Call Over Busy Extension with Privacy from Line Party
18.- Custom Recorded Announcements to Callers on Hold
Music on Hold from Custom Source
20.- Room Monitoring with Regular Phone Set, Cordless, Speakerphone or Monitoring Set
21.- Integrates Multi-Handset Phone System with Stand-Alone Phone Sets
22.- Telephone Intercom with 100% Pass-Thru for Dial Up Internet on 28.8K-33.6K-56K Modems and for DSL Internet
23.- Room Intercom and Door Entry Intercom while Online in a Dialup Internet Session  
24.- Standard Alarm Security Surveillance
.- Video Security Surveillance
26.- Professional Voice Mail Processing with Your Answering Machine
27.- Multi-Unit Telephone Entry Intercom
28.- Door and Room Intercom with Stand-Alone Handsets (No Phone Line Service)  
29.- Integrated X10 Home Automation  
30.- Easy Simple Keystroke Operation or Menu-Driven Operation from Ordinary Household Phones
Full Caller ID Pass-Thru to your Extension Phones and more...  


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