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Stop Long Distance Call Abuses with Call Blocking



Ennovah Q-26 Series

These Telephone-enabled Intercom Systems give you the ability to prevent call abuses by restricting phone calls to specific areas or specific numbers (i.e. 900 numbers). Once a  restriction code (4 digits maximum) is programmed, the Controller will screen all outgoing calls and block any call whose first digits match the pre-programmed code. Only the homeowner (owner of the restriction) can override the restriction by means of a password. You can program codes with less than 4 digits to restrict more general or larger areas (several states, regions, etc.) if you so desire. You may even restrict all incoming and all outgoing calls. 

While the all-call restriction is in place with these Telephone-enabled Intercom Systems, only the owner will be able to make and take calls by punching in his/her password. This type of restriction does not prevent your user devices, Speakers and handsets, from ringing on incoming calls. But when you lift the handset or hit the Answer button you don't get connected to the external caller until you dial the correct password.

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Though the Telco calling plans have long done away with national long distance charging, there remain situations involving long distance international call charges, and the 900 number entertainment services that may still allow abuses that need to be prevented. The call restrictions capacity in these systems will come in handy for those cases.


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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Any Ennovah Controller
Expansion Cards   none
Audio Accessories none
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories Any Phone Set


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