Multi-Unit Door Entry Systems

A Large Variety of Entry Point Screening and Control Systems

For multi-unit office buildings and residential buildings, we offer multi-unit doorbell systems strictly for announcer functionality. We offer multi-unit doorbell systems complemented with door release functionality. We offer these systems both in wired versions and wireless versions. The wireless models are sturdy and reliable systems that can work just as reliably for 2 units or 16 units, whether in a single building or a real estate counting dozens of buildings, i.e. a town home complex.

We further offer several lines of Door Entry Intercom systems for Multi-Unit Buildings. The OmniCom line features entry systems that primarily works with user phones, whether home phones or smartphones. They straightly handle audio communication for screening with subsequent door release, and offer video screening capability on an optional basis, which is handled via smartphones and tablets. All in a very cost-effective manner.

Our line of BellGuard and Flexus systems are stand-alone or self-contained systems that provide to users proprietary devices to interact with guests at the entry point. In their most sober forms, they are straight replacements for old-style apartment intercom systems with a modern touch, given that they require very minimal wiring from pre-existing building cabling.

OmniCom MPU-6 Multi-Unit Door Entry Telephone System

OmniCom MPU-6 Multi-Unit Door Entry Telephone System

A Unique Building Telephone Entry Intercom System For up to 6 Units A system designed with flexibility and low operation costs in mind. Able to...

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