Granular Retail Business Chart

You may look for your store type below by doing a search with the "Find" menu item of your browser. The same category where your store type is located will display other retails or services which you may consider direct derivatives in relation to yours, among other options.

If you are looking for a suitable point of sale system for your business, simply locate and click on your store type to see the one we suggest. The Titles, which are clickable, display pictures of store examples where SharpPOINTSTM has been in use since 2011.

  Boat - Automobile & Parts Dealers  
    Tire Retail - Large - Small
    Tire Shop w. Retreading/Repairing Service - Large - Small
    Tire Retreading & Repairing
    Automotive Parts, Accessories, & Tires 
    Bicycle Dealer
    Motorcyle & Motor Scooters Dealer & Repair
    Boat Equipment Supply
    Marine Equipment Supplies
    Brake - Clutch Service
  Building Material & Garden Equipment & Supplies   Dealers   
    Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies Stores 
    Lumber Retail-Wholesale
    Hobby & Model Construction Supplies
    Fireplace Equipment Retail
    Floor Covering Supplies
    Paint Retail
    Fence Wholesale
    Fire Alarm Systems Wholesale
    Fastener Industrial Retail - Wholesale
    Roofing Material Wholesale
    Concrete Blocks & Shapes - Retail - Wholesale
    Sand & Gravel Wholesale
    Nursery (Plants/Trees) - Retail - Wholesale
  Clothing & Clothing Accessories Stores   
    Casual - Bridal - Formal
    Western Apparel
    Men's Clothing & Furnishings
    Footwear / Boot / Shoe Sale - Repair
    Fabric Shop
    Linens Lingerie Store
    Draperies & Curtains - Retail - Custom made
    Sports Wear
    Quilting Materials & Supplies
    Safety Equipment and Clothing
    Medical / Institutional Uniforms
    Dancing Supplies Small - Large
  Electric - Electronics & Appliance Stores   
    Electronic Equipments & Supplies Retail - Wholesale
    Radio Communication & Systems Wholesale
    Electric Equipments & Supplies Retail-Wholesale
    Electric Motors (Retail - Repair)
    Electric Generators (Wholesale)
    Heater Unit Repairing
    Appliance, Television, & Other Electronics Stores 
    Cellular Equipment Retail - Repair
    Camera & Photographic Supplies Store - Smaller - Larger
    Computer & Software Service & Repair
  Art - Floral & Gifts Stores   
    Florist Retail - Wholesale
    Gift Baskets & Parcels
    Gift Specialty
    Craft & Art Gallery
    Gifts - Novelties & Souvenirs
  Food & Beverage Stores / Eating & Drinking  
    Fast food Truck & Kiosk
    Beer, Wine, & Liquor Retail - Wholesale
    Grocery Stores - Markets
    Specialty Food Stores: Yogurt - Ice Cream - Delicatessen
    Vitamin & Food (Health) Supplement Store 
    Candy Retail - Wholesale
    Quick Serve Restaurant
    Lunch/Breakfast/Smaller Restaurant
    Full Course/Dining Restaurant
    Bakery Retail - Wholesale
    Bar / Lounge
    Fresh Meat Retail - Wholesale
    Seafood Retail - Wholesale
    Feed Store
    Farm Supplies Wholesale
    Fruit - Vegetable & Produce Retail - Wholesale
    Special Diet Food Store
    Health and Diet Foods Retail
  Furniture & Home Furnishings Stores   
    Mirrors Retail
    Indoor Furniture Retail
    Monument Store - Retail
    Wall Paper & Wall Covering - Retail
    Outdoor Furniture Retail
    Furniture Repairing & Refinishing
    Candles (Specialty)
    Clocks Retail- Repairing
    Heater Unit Repairing
    Lawn Mower Sharpening & Repairing
  Gasoline Stations   
    Gas Station
    Gas Station w. Convenience Store
    Gas Station w. Convenience Store & Car Wash  
  General Merchandise Stores   
  Health & Personal Care Stores   
    Dental Equipment & Supplies - Wholesale
    Exercise Equipment Retail
    Wheelchairs & Scooters Retail
    First Aid Supplies
    Gymnasium - Exercise & Physical Fitness Club
    Home Health & Health Care Equipment Supplies
    Hospital Equipment & Supplies Wholesale
    Hair Removing - Replacement
    Massage Center
  Hobby & Craft Retail   
    Collectibles & Coins
    Fishing Material
    Guns - Retail
    Skateboards & Equipments
  Military & Government Exchange Retail   
    Retail Store Small - Large  
  Music, Video, Book & Entertainment Retail   
    New-Used-Rare Book Stores
    Comic Books
    Musical Equipment & Supplies Store
  Office Supplies & Stationery Stores  
    Rubber & Plastic Stamps
    Office Supply Store
    Paper & Stationary  
  Party & Holiday Accessories Retail   
    Retail Store Small - Large  
  Pet & Pet Supplies Stores   
    Pet Supply and Food Retail
    Pet Shop
  Sporting & Recreational Equipment Retail   
    Retail Store Small - Large  
  Tobacco Stores   
    Cigar, Cigarettes, Tobacco 
    Smoke Shops & Supplies (Hookha, etc)
  Toys & Games Retail   
    Retail Store Small - Large  
  Used Merchandise Stores   
    Thrift Store  
  Jewelry Stores   
    Jewelry Retail - Repair
    Watches Retail - Repair
  Luggage & Leather Goods Stores   
    Leather Goods Retail  
  Furniture Stores   
    Upholstery Retail & Cleaning Service
  Home Furnishings Stores   
    Houseware Retail Small - Large
    Shower Doors & Enclosures
    Shutters Retail
    Retail of Beds
  Department Stores   
    Large Retail Store  
    Multi-Store Chain  
  Convenience Stores  
    Dollar Store  
    Varieties Retail
  Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters   
    Super Store  
    Chain of Department Super Stores  
    Chain of Stores  
  Cosmetics, Beauty, Service & Supplies Stores   
    Hair Goods & Supplies
    Cosmetics & Perfumes Retail - Wholesale
    Beauty Salon
    Hair Salon
    Body Piercing
    Tanning Salon
    Spa Beauty & Day
    Barber Shop
  Optical Goods Stores   
    Contact Lenses
  Health-Related Stores  
    Orthopedic appliances and supplies  Retail - Wholesale
    Pharmacies and Drug Stores - Retail
    Pharmaceutical Products Wholesale
  Gift, Novelty, & Souvenir Stores   
  Golf Equipment & Supplies Retail  
    Golf Equipment & Supplies Retail  
    Golf Sporting Varieties  
    Incense, Candles, Oils & Other Supplies - Retail
    Fireworks Powders & Pyrotechnic Supplies - Retail
    Fertilizers Retail - Wholesale
  Hardware Stores  
    Dry Cleaner
    Laundry Service
    Dry Cleaner with Laundry Service
    Drapery & Curtain Cleaners
  Repair Shops  
    Sewing Machine Repairing
    Piano Tuning-Repairing-Refinishing Service
    Photo Finishing Service
    Auto-Repair Service
    Car Washing & Polishing
    Car Wash w. Supplies
    Shoe & Boot Repairing
    Domestic Heater Unit Repairing
    Lawn Mower Repair Shop
    Farm Equipment Repairing
  Locksmith Shops  
    Lock Shop Retail & Service
  Recreation Centers  
    Amusement Place
    Race Track
    Ticket Service
  Hospitality Establishments  
    Hotel Service
    Motel Establishment 
    Bed & Breakfast