BellGuard Multi-Unit Intercom System

BellGuard BLG-16I Apartment Intercom Entry System

Apartment Lobby Panel with capability to initiate calls to a maximum of 16 suites in mid-size multi-unit building. For running new construction project or for direct replacement for old hardwired apartment entry intercom system. Delivered with capability for exact number of apartments needed so you don't pay for spare capacity. The Apartment Intercom Panel does not require an inside Control box: the BellGuard Panel is both a Call Entry Panel and a Controller.

Guest at entry point hits the desired Apartment No pushbutton for a ring to be kicked off to the inside Speaker or Handset receiver device. Resident hits a button on the Speaker for hands-free communication, or picks up the handset. Hit button on the receiver in order to grant access if so desired or else hangup. Crystal-clear telecom-grade two-way intercom.

The Entry Panel wires directly to each suite with one twisted pair of wires (any type but preferably CAT5 if new runs). Indoor Speaker device in each suite is flush-mounted on the wall, while Handset is surface-mounted on the wall. Supplied with a low-voltage 24VAC Transformer for power. Extremely easy and simple to install.

This Apartment Intercom Panel features an optional embedded Name directory for all names and apartment numbers. Easy update of Directory names and easy customization of suite numbers via pre-formated computer file template and direct print out. Total Entry Panel size very small.

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