PhoneBell Duplex Door Intercom System w. Ingress Control - Q-10i

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Simple Stand-Alone Front Door Intercom System

As a stand-alone front door entry system, PhoneBell offers a simple door intercom between an entry door and one or several interior locations. When the call button is pressed on the Doorphone, the intercom handset(s) will ring for pickup and to engage a voice exchange. A connection is provided as well for a chime or other sound or light signal device, which will kick off upon a door entry call as well.

PhoneBell offers two doorphone ports for handling two different entry doors. Each doorphone triggers their own distinctive ring at the handset so that user can readily recognize the calling door. The distinctive pattern is replicated by the Door Chime signal as well.

In addition to screening the guest, this version of PhoneBell allows the user to actually release the entry door as well in order to grant access as desired. This is implemented with the connection of a doorstrike or other ingress control device to the Controller box. Each one of the two doors may be controlled that way, with the simple command of a keystroke on the handset pad.

This product install very easily by directly plugging a standard handset into the Q-10 Controller box which may be left sitting on the floor or fixed on the nearby wall at the same location where the handset is located. Simply bring a two-wire line from the Doorphone at the door into the Controller box. Rack of jacks available on the box for plugging in.

PhoneBell boxes feature a friendly miniature size so they may be directly mounted on a wall where space is at a premium or inside a standard structured wiring cabinet. It features a pretty shallow box that will fit in most structured wiring cabinets or protective housing.

Convenient Front Door Intercom with Your Existing Landline Phones

Alternatively, PhoneBell will provide door answering intercom with the handsets on an active landline, without much to do to get it installed. Neat and clean installation that will not require any wiring thru your walls. With the beauty that your in-service phones or phone system also take your door entry calls. In that case, you sit the Q-10 controller box in the utility room at the headend of the incoming landline and set it in-line with that phone line: in many cases a simple plug-in operation with a phone cord. As to the connection of the doorphone, you will use the same 2-wire line that used to connect your doorbell button, which you will replace with the doorphone.

With lots of other convenience features that make it suitable for homes and small commercial outfits of all kinds.

This package includes: (1) Q-10i PhoneBell Controller + (1) Doorphone Station of your selection. Pick a Doorphone of your taste for this Controller as showcased here. Please visit the same Doorphone page to add a second doorphone to your package. If you also need a mouthpiece, you may add this handset to your packagae.

For a PhoneBell door intercom system without Door Release ability, you can save by choosing this other model.

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